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Apache Striker: Havoc Gunners Top Free App App size – 35M
App Last Updated – January 25, 2015
Number of Installs Till Date – 100,000 – 500,000
Apache Striker: Havoc Gunners Top Free App App Current Version – 1.1
Supported Android version – 3.2 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App –
Developer – Mobile Apps Globe

Here is an image of how Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App looks like

Apache Striker- Havoc Gunners

Apache Striker- Havoc Gunners

How to play Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App?
Time to battle with fighter apache helicopters and enemy aircrafts in the next level of Apache Striker: Havoc Gunners game. Encounter the extreme gunners action packed air combat aiming of long-range air Striker and close range Storm Attack.
The Battle has begun! Fight back heroically and raise havoc to bring down rove ring assault jet fighters. Be accurate on time and aim to storm down enemy gunships.
Weapon warehouse base is under fire storm enemy. Battle panzer tanks, Jet fighters and flight simulator apache copters rove ring around and strike hard on base land. No more time to waste so take the pace and shoot missile at to destroy enemy. Luckily you are equipped with mega destructive weapons, the missile launcher air striker machine guns. Go on to Destroy till the last flying aircraft shoot down. Storm off to the ground the power threating enemy jet flight gunners.
How to Play
Tap on target to lock aim, hit Fire to storm missiles on defined target and witness the world’s deadliest Warcraft.
Gun through 5 waves of formidable opponents as you clear each level to move ahead. You are equipped with massive gunners and launchers to take down the land as well as aerial apache enemies.
Use Rapid Missile Combos against land enemies. The Gunners can fire rapid and numerous missiles at a time to raise havoc on the battlefield and inflict maximum damage.
Your Gunners are also equipped with a highly efficient Missile Targeting system, giving you full command of the air battles. Lock your targets, fighter jets and apache helicopters, and gun these heavy artillery gunships down with a bang.

Top Reviews for Apache Striker: Havoc Gunners Top Free App App –
Good but… I wish that there were other defensive turrets like friendly AI to balance, because they’re striking a base with a single multi purpose missle turret, you know if you want a blindspot attack or estimation of coordinates to destroy ground units, use altillery instead of cluster rockets, besides the homing missle is good, the speed is good, but its very slow in chasing the targeted aircraft and put more missions like destroy the bombers or hold the line till reinforcements comes.. Thats all, good game!!

Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App?

You can download Apache Striker: Havoc GunnersTop Free App by visiting following

Latest Features of Apache Striker: Havoc Gunners Top Free App –
⍟ Mass destruction with Targeted & stimulate missile launcher
⍟ Hordes of tanks and aircrafts fits to explode on each level
⍟ 5 striking levels of total action fittest to extreme war play
⍟ Battle ground arena and air strike shooting
⍟ Irresistible Navigational pad controls
⍟ 3D crafted battle ground Terrain
⍟ Smooth real physic HD graphics rendering

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