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Banko – Teen Patti Rummy App size – 31M
App Last Updated – March 22, 2015
Number of Installs Till Date – 500 – 1,000
Banko – Teen Patti Rummy App Current Version – 1.14
Supported Android version – 2.3.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Banko – Teen Patti Rummy –
Address –
Developer – Ghanshyam Jhalaria

Here is an image of how Banko – Teen Patti Rummy looks like

Banko - Teen Patti Rummy

Banko – Teen Patti Rummy

How to play Banko – Teen Patti Rummy?

The game of “three card poker” or “teen patti rummy” has an ever growing library of variations that makes the game more interesting and entertaining.
Banko! Also known as “Indian Teen Patti” is played in various places in India and is available on your iPad Mini,iPhone,iPod Touch and iPad.
How to Play:
The dealer opens two cards in front of him. The player has to bet some amount based on how likely he thinks the next card will lie sequentially in between the 2 open cards ( for e.g 3 and 10..player has to bet how likely he thinks the next card will be in between 3 and 10). The minimum bet is always 50. If the 3rd card is in between the 2 open cards, player will win twice the amount he placed as a bet.
Player looses if the next card is not in between the two open cards. You loose twice if the 3rd card dealt has the same value as any of the 2 cards. (for e.g. 3 and 10 are the dealer’s cards. When the player hits, and the 3rd card is either a 3 or a 10, player looses twice the amount he placed as a bet.)
At any given point in time, the maximum bets cannot exceed 50% of the player’s total balance. (for e.g. if the player has 10000 chips, then the maximum he can bet is 5000). You get 1000 free chips when you download the free version of the game.
Cards 2-10 are valued at the face value of the card. Face cards such as the King, Queen, and Jack are valued at 13,12,11 repectively. The Ace card, however, is a special card and is valued at 14.
The money used in this game is fictitious. Free Banko is a fully-featured, ad-supported version of Banko. If you like Free Banko, but prefer playing without ads, buy the paid version of Banko. You get 50000 chips to try your luck in the paid version of Banko.

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Banko – Teen Patti Rummy Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Banko – Teen Patti Rummy?

You can download Banko – Teen Patti Rummy by visiting following

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