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Card Solitaire App size – 682k
App Last Updated – November 9, 2011
Number of Installs Till Date – 100,000 – 500,000
Card Solitaire App Current Version – 1.2.6
Supported Android version – 2.1 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Card Solitaire –
Address –
Developer – TwoFrogs

Here is an image of how Card Solitaire looks like

Card Solitaire

Card Solitaire

How to play Card Solitaire?

This is the standard solitaire card game that everybody knows. If you want to enjoy a quick game of solitaire then this may be the card game for you.

Top Reviews for Card Solitaire App –

Not good but great!!! This is one of the only solitaire games that doesn’t let you go on endlessly playing a game that you can’t possibly win. Instead it lets you know exactly when it’s over so you can go on to play a new game. I enjoy this feature very much.

Card Solitaire Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Card Solitaire?

You can download Card Solitaire by visiting following

Latest Features of Card Solitaire –

– 1 and 3 card flip modes.
– Option to allow cards to be moved from the home stacks
– Keeps track of personal win statistics
– Portrait and Landscape mode support, auto-rotation
– Auto-save and resume
– Low resolution card set for small screens
– Notifies users of solitaire hands which no longer can be won
 - Photos can be used as the background for landscape and portrait modes.
Solitaire hands are randomly generated so that you enjoy a new game every hand. Not all games of solitaire are easily winnable, but we do what we can to filter out games with no solutions before you begin.
So give it a shot, and don’t be shy about giving it a rating! Also if have a great idea for new features, questions, or perhaps found a bug that made it out please email me or post about it here.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

Any Suggestions?

Still Struggling to finish Card Solitaire?

I will update Citygare with more tips and tricks, so please bookmark Citygare. Surely, you can share your own stuff and help players unlock more goodies, levels, magic potions and earn stars. If you have any suggestions or questions, then do leave a comment and I or my friends and readers will answer them.

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