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DogHotel Lite App size – 36M
App Last Updated – 3 January 2015
Number of Installs Till Date – 100,000 – 500,000
DogHotel Lite App Current Version – 1.0
Supported Android version -2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email forDinosaur Apocalypse –
Address -445021, Russian Federation, Samarskaya obl, Togliatty city, Golosov st. 107-108
Developer – Boris Tsarkov

Here is an image of howDinosaur Apocalypse looks like

Dinosaur Apocalypse

Dinosaur Apocalypse

How to playDinosaur Apocalypse?

Its the year 2080 and there has been a massive Zombie invasion. They have taken over the city streets and highways in what can only be called the apocalypse. The police are gone so scientists have created Dinosaur mutants to rescue civilians and defend the city. These Dinosaurs are perfect creatures for fighting these walking undead Zombies. They are resistant to fire, they can run fast, they can turn the zombies to blood, and they are capable of mass destruction themselves. However, the scientists have placed a special microchip in the Trex brain that allows you to control the beast. Run through the city and complete the missions before time runs out. Or, you may decide the free play version which allows you to run around and attack as many zombies as possible. All happening in super fun 3D.

Top Reviews forDinosaur Apocalypse App –

Good Just good but i have a joke what is the name of a bouncy dinosaur well its bousaur garlictic right haha
DogHotel Lite Help – Video Walkthrough

How to downloadDinosaur Apocalypse?

You can downloadDinosaur Apocalypse by visiting following

Latest Features ofDinosaur Apocalypse –

-Realistic 3D Apocalypse Environment
–Massive zombie destruction
–16 High Action Missions
–Huge Trex Dinosaur to control
–Free Play or Mission Modes
–Attack the undead, free the civilians

Any Suggestions?

Still Struggling to finishDinosaur Apocalypse?

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