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G4A: Crash/Brag App size – 7.1M
App Last Updated – November 8, 2014
Number of Installs Till Date – 5,000 – 10,000
G4A: Crash/Brag App Current Version – 1.4.4
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for G4A: Crash/Brag –
Address – Elzenoord 29
8172 AX
Developer – Games4All

Here is an image of how G4A: Crash/Brag looks like

G4A: Crash/Brag

G4A: Crash/Brag

How to play G4A: Crash/Brag?

This app offers four card games that are very similar in rules and game play:
Crash (or 13-card Brag), 9-card Brag, 7-card Brag, and 6-card Brag.
In all these games, the object is to divide the cards in your hand in a number of ‘Brag’ hands, beating the Brag hands of your opponents:
– Prial: three cards of the same ranks, for instance three sevens. Three threes is the highest prial in Crash, then comes three aces, kings, queens, etc.
– Running Flush or Trotter: three consecutive cards of the same suit, 3-2-A is highest, then comes A-K-Q, K-Q-J, etc.
– Run: three consecutive cards of mixed suits, ranking as for running flushes
– Flush: three cards of the same suit, with aces high
– Pair: two cards of the same rank with any third card (aces high, the third card is used as a tie breaker)
The hands you make are automatically sorted with the best hand to the left and the leftover “dead wood” to the right.
After you are done each hand is compared in turn with the corresponding hands of your opponents, starting with the best (leftmost) hand of each player. The player with the best hand earns a point. If there is a tie for first place nobody receives a point.

Top Reviews for G4A: Crash/Brag App –

Good game Overall good game, fun and enjoyable. Just needs a few tweaks for 5*. Menu in the way of opponents cards. Gets tedious sorting cards into order, maybe shake phone to sort cards numerically would be good idea.

G4A: Crash/Brag Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download G4A: Crash/Brag?

You can download G4A: Crash/Brag by visiting following

Latest Features of G4A: Crash/Brag –

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