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Mines & Magic App size – 48M
App Last Updated – April 17, 2015
Number of Installs Till Date – 100,000 – 500,000
Mines & Magic App Current Version – 1.0.26
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Mines & Magic –
Address – 5375 – 75 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Developer – Fluik

Here is an image of how Mines & Magic looks like

Mines & Magic

Mines & Magic

How to play Mines & Magic?

Build your deck, upgrade your resources, strengthen your defenses, destroy your enemy.

Mines & Magic is the new name of Castle Wars, and is part of an ongoing massive overhaul to every aspect of this already popular game. We have completely redesigned the menus, the battlefield; we have added tons of new single player content, balanced and added awesome new cards. We have added an arena to wage war between your deck and those of others. We have listened to the feedback of our fans for the last few years and hope that this is exactly what you have been asking for.
Mines & Magic is a casual yet strategic card battle adventure for everyone. Clash against countless foes in the single player adventure, test your deck against the decks of others in arena or face off against your friends. Level up and defeat enemies to unlock new worlds, cards, avatars and castles. Collect new cards to build a powerful deck or visit the forge where you can destroy lesser cards to forge more powerful ones.
Play is simple. Defend your castle by building up your defenses and your your gem production by sacrificing cards to upgrade your mine, then go on the offensive and attack your enemies! Destroy their resources, take down their walls and eventually lay waste to their castle to achieve victory.
– Battle the computer in the single player adventure to earn coins for card packs and unlock awesome new content.
– Invite your friends to play online using Facebook and lay waste to their defenses.
– Test your mighty deck in arena against players from around the globe.
What are you waiting for? Try your hand at Mines & Magic today. Will you rise to the top?

Top Reviews for Mines & Magic App –

Nice game! This game is really funny, but i would recommend a few improvements 1. The arena, its boring, always those low enemies which give the same amount of money, maybe some more options there? 2. There are alot of effects in the game, which are not bad at all, but in my opinion they are bothering the gameflow, the smoothness, u know? Im talking about the weaving flags, and the card effects etc. Is it possible to add an option to just turn them off? For the sake of smoothness… And those 5 energy, nice, ty 😉

Mines & Magic Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Mines & Magic?

You can download Mines & Magic by visiting following

Latest Features of Mines & Magic –

Doubled starting energy from 5 to 10
New Name!
Improved Fireworks!
Replay any enemy for coins and xp!
Redraw hand added to arena and friend play
Star Progress counters added to islands
Expand hand much easier to read on smartphones
Use gems to purchase arena tokens
Numerous fixes to playing friends on Facebook
Some new art and other fixes.

Any Suggestions?

Still Struggling to finish Mines & Magic?

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