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SionsBeat MP3 BETA App size – 32M
App Last Updated – February 12, 2015
Number of Installs Till Date – 10,000 – 50,000
SionsBeat MP3 BETA App Current Version – 1.2.8
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for SionsBeat MP3 BETA –
Address –
Developer – MRSIONS

Here is an image of how SionsBeat MP3 BETA looks like

SionsBeat MP3 BETA

SionsBeat MP3 BETA

How to play SionsBeat MP3 BETA?

– Appear on the game pad, touch the music to the rhythm
– If you see a Fever or shake the mobile phone, touch points.

Top Reviews for SionsBeat MP3 BETA App –

Everything I want from a rythm game Pros: 1. Using your own songs. One problem with other rythm games is that sometimes the music isn’t good for my personal tastes. If you have that problem with this game, then don’t even download those songs. 2. Automatically generated. Based on how loud a song is in comparison to the volume of different parts of the song, a map will be automaaticall generated if you choose “default.” You can choose what difficulty you want it to be. 3. Level, or “note” editing. You can create your own levels by selecting “make customnote.” When you press the record button, you can tap on the 4×4 grid gameplay takes place on IN REAL TIME, while you hear the song. You can put multiple recordings over one another, but

SionsBeat MP3 BETA Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download SionsBeat MP3 BETA?

You can download SionsBeat MP3 BETA by visiting following

Latest Features of SionsBeat MP3 BETA –

– I do not need to wait for new music coming out. You can play the MP3 you have.
– In addition to the automatically generated music you make the correct notes on the music can be shared.
– You can enjoy the game in a variety of markers and effect.
– 4×4 (16 keys) as you can enjoy a variety of patterns, including a thrilling Fever mode enhances the commitment of the game.
– Analyzed music can be enjoyed in a variety of difficulty levels.
– Enjoy compatible andjuist and (former) sionsbeat.

Any Suggestions?

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