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Sniper Killer 3D App size – 16M
App Last Updated – October 12, 2014
Number of Installs Till Date – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Sniper Killer 3D App Current Version – 1.0.3
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Sniper Killer 3D –
Address –
Developer – D3.

Here is an image of how Sniper Killer 3D looks like

Sniper Killer 3D

Sniper Killer 3D

How to play Sniper Killer 3D?

Now you have a new mission! A terrorist group has occupied the S city, hijacking innocent passengers as hostages.As a good mercenary and your mission is to eliminate all the terrorists and rescue the hostages.Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting techniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy this challenging game now!

Top Reviews for Sniper Killer 3D App –

Terrible This is terrible. Hundreds of pop ups. The enemy always knows exactly where you are and hit you 5 or 6 time befor you even get a shot off. You automaticallyy stand up every time you switch weapons, which exposes you to the enemy. Zoom mode does not allow you to stand or crouch, your stuck.. the points are never enoug to cover a wave, so if you start of high you will be in the negative even as you advance. Completely unintuitive. Removing it.

Sniper Killer 3D Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Sniper Killer 3D?

You can download Sniper Killer 3D by visiting following

Latest Features of Sniper Killer 3D –

★Level game modes:Game mode for an unlimited levels and there star rating system that lets you keep cool in the end, to try how strong your ability, how far can break it!
★A variety of game scenarios: a variety of different game scenarios, there are docks, City Square, waste warehouse.
★Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniper rifle, pistols, submachine guns and grenades replacement.
★Full enemy exists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding in the ground behind the building, and some hiding in the roof, which requires your keen eye to detect and eliminate them.
★Flexible battle mode: The battle can be purchased or supplemental medical kits falling HP, by upgrading the defense and attack players get the ability to strengthen, to experience the unique process of fighting fun.
★Simple operation: Full touch screen operation, so you just move a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy’s shadow and shooting, is very simple.
★Intense battle scenes:Realistic visual effects and the world’s best battle music, have a crazy shooting feeling.
★★★How to play
★Touch screen to enter shooting mode.
★Slide the screen can be rotated to move the perspective.
★Click the icon to the right of the “F” button to fire, rotate icon to switch between different weapons.
★Click the button on the bottom right corner of the cross circle amplification can be switched sight; clicking character icons can be standing, squatting posture switching.
★Click the icon in the upper right medical kits can add HP, click the icon for the grenade grenade bombing.
★After amplification mode into sight, By adjusting lever for the right distance from the lens zoom.
The main interface can be selected for the game map, arms purchases, mall gold to buy the game sensitivity testing, game content sharing.

Any Suggestions?

Still Struggling to finish Sniper Killer 3D?

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