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Stunt Bike 3D Top Free App App size – 13M
App Last Updated – March 19, 2014
Number of Installs Till Date – 100,000 – 500,000
Stunt Bike 3D Top Free App App Current Version – 1.02
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App – Email
Address:The poplars, south hylton, sunderland Sr40PD
Developer – i6 Games

Here is an image of how Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App looks like

Stunt Bike 3D

Stunt Bike 3D

How to play Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App?
Stunt Bike 3D is a game about a guy named Vince, who is a stunt bike rider. Unfortunatly he’s broke the front wheel on his motor bike, so its your job now to help Vince rider his stunt bike all the way home on just one wheel. You can tap the screen the screen to get him riding,
however you only have a few seconds before the wheel falls off the motor bike. Let’s see how far you can get him and his stunt bike.

Top Reviews for Stunt Bike 3D Top Free App App –
Decent, PLEASE FIX!! It is a decent game, but the front tire comes of too easy. It is impossible in real life for the tire to just come off like that. On a real bike the front axle is one of the strongest parts even if the bearing goes bad the axle would still hold the wheel on. I want to play this game without the front tire issue so please fix it. (Never mind I read the description says that’s the point. Now I understand, but you should still make a game like this without the tire breaking)

Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App?

You can download Stunt Bike 3DTop Free App by visiting following

Latest Features of Stunt Bike 3D Top Free App –

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