Tips, Hints, strategy, Cheats and Walkthrough for Level 4 of Cookie Jam


Walkthrough for the level 4 of Cookie Jam

Target Required – 17 Red ingredients and 10 Pink Ingredients
No of Moves available – 18
No of Colors present– 6
Name of Cookie Colors – Pink ingredients, Green Ingredients, Orange Ingredients, Red Ingredients, Yellow Ingredients and Blue Ingredients
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No of stars Required – 1

How to beat Level 4 of Cookie Jam?

This is the strategy that we used to beat this level

A) In level 4 of cookie jam Help Bonjour, Chef to collect ingredients to make a recipe
B) Match three of the same ingredients to collect them in level 4 of cookie jam
C) In cookie jam level 4 Keep making matches until the recipe is complete
D) Match four or five same ingredients to create special bonus ingredients in cookie jam level 4
E) In level 4 Combine special ingredients for greater effects
F) To crumble some immovable ingredients create a match next to them in level 4
G) In cookie Jam 4 Combining super cookies will also create a new effect that can sometimes clear almost an entire board!

This video shows players the strategy to beat Cookie Jam level 4.

Here are the Obstacles and solutions you may find in level 4 of Cookie Jam –

a) In level 4 of cookie jam Crunch the Gingerbread Man by matching him with like colors.
b) Match ingredients on the waffle to collect them. For multi-layered waffle pieces, make multiple matches to collect them in level 4 of cookie jam
c) In cookie jam level 4 make a match next to a donut to break it.
d) Match ingredients next to a chocolate piece to break it. For multi-layered chocolate pieces, make multiple matches to break it in cookie jam level 4
e) In level 4 Teleporters act as entrances (blue) and exits (orange) for the ingredients.
f) Ingredients are locked in a cage of cinnamon. Create a match with them to break them out In level 4

This picture shows players the layout how Cookie Jam level 4 looks like

Level 4 of Cookie Jam

Level 4 of Cookie Jam

g) In cookie Jam 4 the icing won’t budge! Make a match with like colors next to it to remove it!
h) Make a color match with the timer to stop it before you burn your pastries in cookie Jam 4
i) In level 4 of cookie jam make a color match with the cake box to find out what’s inside!
j) In cookie jam level 4 The Color Changer swaps ingredient colors after every move!
k) In level 4 The Lazy Susan rotates ingredients at 90 degrees after every move you make.
l) In cookie Jam 4 Clear the Cookie Cutters by leaving the same shaped cookie on top of them. Afterwards you’ll get a special treat!
m) Make two matches next to a cookie to crumble it and clear the way!
n) Any match you make next to the plate takes a brownie!
o) Match all colors next to the Color Pie to clear the board!

Boosters which help you clear level 4 of Cookie Jam –

– In level 4 of cookie jam Oven Mitt Swaps two cookies
– Whipped Cream Can Crunches any five cookies next to each other in level 4 of cookie jam
– In cookie jam level 4 Piping Bag Crunches a column of cookies
– Gobstopper Crunches all cookies of one color in cookie jam level 4
– In level 4 Rolling Pin Crunches a row of cookies
– Wooden Spoon Crunches one cookie in level 4
– Plus Extra Moves Adds five additional moves in cookie jam 4
– In cookie Jam 4 Rainbow Cake Crunches all cookies of the same color

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