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Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! App size – 39M
App Last Updated – October 15, 2014
Number of Installs Till Date – 50,000 – 100,000
Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! App Current Version – 1.0.2
Supported Android version – 2.3 and up
Official Website –
Support email for Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! –
Address – Kaf Tet be-November St 31, Bat Yam Israel
Developer – Rhino Games Studio – Free Fun 3D Racing Games

Here is an image of how Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! looks like

Zombie Plague Overkill Combat!

Zombie Plague Overkill Combat!

How to play Zombie Plague Overkill Combat!?

Select your weapon, arm yourself with grandee, missiles and health packs and hit the plague infested streets with all the fire power you have. A new and massive modern combat zombies overkill arena where you play as the last special forces commando soldier which has just one task – Overkill the un-dead and stop the disease.
Lead you soldier through the harsh street at day time or at night and destroy the creatures!
Maximize your firepower with lots of upgradable weapon classes including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Change and customise your special war gear and uniforms to hide yourself on the battlefield from drones, monsters and undead police man.
Use modern firearms in force blackout when possible and press forward as far as you can
* Unique Night & Day Mode – Game matches your time, Play at night and the streets go Dark !
* Multiplayer Mode – Play against your friends to see who can last the battle longer
* Stunning graphics and Exciting game play – Lots of weapons, Zombies and blazing fire await you here
The good news is that 3 Frontline commando units have been assigned the contract of overkilling the viral infection that causes the transforming man in to zombies, The bad news is that 2 of the commando unites have been eliminated in the front lines , you are the last special forces soldier available for combat, make it count!!
Check out what Zombie Plague Overkill Combat has to offer:
* Over 20 different weapon upgrades!
* Day time / Night time scene is According to your local time, use the blackout to your advantage!
* Lots of different Zombies to Kill
* Fully upgrade and customise your commando with modern combat weapons and uniforms
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Top Reviews for Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! App –

PEOPLE GET A LIFE AND GET A PLAYSTATION 4,TOTAL RUBBISH. People Who Say This Is Good Must Have Been Paid To Say So.Someone On Here Says This Is The Best Zombie Game On Here,Total Bullshit,Its Obvious They Havent Played Dead Trigger 2 Or Dead Effect,This Game Sucks And Never Ever Could Be As Good As Those Too,Message Too Everybody Get Your Brain In Gear,This Game Sucks.Get Yourself A Ps4 And Play Something Decent.I Have Never Seen So Much Crap In All My Life,Well 29Years Of It,The Graphics Are Terrible And Another Stupid Running Game.

Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! Help – Video Walkthrough

How to download Zombie Plague Overkill Combat!?

You can download Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! by visiting following

Latest Features of Zombie Plague Overkill Combat! –

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